One of the most useful features of OBS Studio is the build in automatic scene switcher that allows you to switch between scenes without the hussle of hotkeys. Sadly there is no such option in Streamlabs OBS, which is otherwise the far more convenient software for streamers to start with.

To solve this problem we build our own automatic scene switcher for Streamlabs OBS. It’s a simple to use and lightweight tool that does everything the OBS Studio scene switcher does and even more!

There is also a video tutorial:

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Disclaimer: Our automatic scene switcher is currently in beta testing. So if you find any bugs feel free to conctact us via Mail:

You can download the program directly from our website:

The Programm comes in a zip-archive. To open it simply right click the folder and select “Extract All”.

Streamlabs Szenenwechsel entpacken

Now start Streamlabs OBS and then run “SLOBSSceneSwitcher”.

Note: Some users might experience a Microsoft security warning when they first start the tool. As of right now there is nothing we can do about that. If more people use the tool Microsoft will eventually see us as trustworthy developers and remove that warning.

Interface + configuration

Streamlabs Auto Scene Switcher

The program works with so called “Scene Rules”, a Scene Rule is the connection between a Streamlabs OBS scene and a Process (Game, Game instance or Programm you are running).

  • Rule Name: You can choose any name for your scene rule, it will be shown in a list on the left side
  • Process Name: Choose the process you want to use and connect to the rule. The process must be active, so start a game/program and select the process. You can also create a rule without a process.
  • Scene: A list of your Streamlabs OBS scenes. Select the scene you want to connect with the process.
  • Save: Saves the settings you made above

Rule prioritization

After you created your first rule it appears in the list on the right side. You can use the arrow keys on the bottom to prioritize them, pretty much like in OBS. Scenes on top of this list have a higher priority than the lower ones.

Auto Scene Switch Rules Streamlabs OBS

For example: In League of Legends you want the in game rule above the client rule. Now if you start a game it will select the “in game” rule and display the connected OBS scene in your stream, and if you close a game it will go down to the next rule (and therefore scene) in the list.

After you got all your rules set up press the start button on the top. You can also toggle “Auto-start switching” if you don’t want to press start each time you use the program.

[EN] Automatic scene switcher for Streamlabs OBS